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SAYHELLO Pillow Menu

The SAYHELLO Pillow Menu is a graphic pillow system that allows hosts to personalize their interiors for their guests. 

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu

Each collection features a series of pillows with a greeting translated in different languages printed across the front. Pillow covers with different greetings can be easily swapped to to prepare your interior with a personalized greeting for each guest!

The SAYHELLO Pillow Menu is perfect for airbnbs and rental homes, bed and breakfasts, lodges, boutique hotels, the guest room in your home, or any eclectic interior looking for an international flair.

Pillows and pillow cases are sold individually so you can choose which languages, colors or patterns suit your business or interior. Create your own unique pillow menu with different languages, patterns, and sizes! Currently, greetings are available in six different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

1. Choose Your Design

Start by choosing your favorite design! Each series features a unique pattern and a pillow with each of the translated greetings printed on the front and back. An accent pillow is included in each series as well, to provide contrast and help make your pillow menu pop!

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu Choose Your Design

2. Choose Your Language

Choose languages based on where your guests come from, or choose the greeting in the language you speak to share it with your guests! Currently the pillow menu is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Mandarin (but we're planning on adding more languages soon!)

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu Choose Your Language

3. Choose Your Size

Currently we offer pillows in two sizes: 14" and 18"

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu Choose Your Size

4. Choose Your Type

Pillows are available with and without the pillow insert. 

*Make sure if you plan to swap pillow covers with the same insert that you select the same size insert as pillow cover!

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu Choose Your Type

 5. Mix and Match!

Build your unique SAYHELLO Pillow Menu by mixing and matching designs, languages, and sizes! Pillows and pillow covers are sold individually, so there's no limit to your imagination!

SAYHELLO Pillow Menu Mix and Match

Looking for a specific language? Would you like to add your logo to your pillow menu? Would you like a custom design that's bespoke for your brand? We love working with passionate owners and hosts to create one-of-a-kind pillows that will add that personal touch to your guests' experience. Drop us a line and share your ideas with us!